A healthy Thanksgiving is possible!

A healthy Thanksgiving is possible!

It’s that time of year, where we think we have to punish ourselves for overeating or restricting ourselves from all the yummy holiday food. The holidays should be a time of enjoying company with those you love, eating the yummy holiday treats, and being grateful for the things in your life.

 We have a few tips to help negate those guilty feelings and allow yourself to indulge in the goodies of the holidays. 

1. Plan ahead!

We know that Thanksgiving is a day full of food. If you know that you are going to have a huge meal with desserts to follow, opt for a lighter breakfast. If you track your macros put in your thanksgiving meal and adjust your other meals accordingly. DO NOT SKIP ANY MEALS.

2. Drink your water.

            You drink your water every other day. Do not make an acception for thanksgiving.

3. Do something active

You don’t need to a full blown workout. Go for a walk with your loved ones, play a dancing game on the PlayStation or Xbox, there are lots of ways to get moving either before you eat or after!

4. Give yourself grace. 

One meal is not going to ruin your progress. One meal is not going to throw your goals out the window. Be present with your loved ones and enjoy your day. If you binge, get right back to it tomorrow. Holidays are for being present with your loved ones not for restrictions and feeling bad about what you ate. 

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. Take this time to reflect and be grateful for your life and what you have. Be grateful for your amazing body and what it allows you to do and continue to do. Sending you all the blessing and love this Thanksgiving.

Try this and let me know how it goes! Wish you the best of luck. You’re amazing and I have no doubt you are going to crush it. 

Cheers, Alex

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